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supernice. is super nice.

supernice. what? 

supernice. is a digital multidisciplinary freelance creative studio based in Munich. Founded by Kenneth Fraunhofer, he has been passionately taking care of his clients since 2015.

supernice. focuses on visual brand communication and brand content. In the field of film, photo, motion design, 3D and animation, he conceptualize, design and produce content for his clients across all digital channels.

supernice. works for leading agencies, global players, as well as startups and individual heroes.


Examples from the fields of imagefilm and corporate.


Corporate/Imagefilm Ambright GmbH


Image/Human Resource Kampagne Magazino GmbH


Corporate/Imagefilm Junglück GmbH

deutschland card 

HR-Kampane deutschlandcard

jeanna atelier

Startup Film/Imagefilm Jeanna Atelier


Imagefilm v-zug Zugorama München


Intro film for the keynote 2021 Shell international.

thank you for your time.
i would be happy to introduce myself to you personally and to realize a supernice project together with you.

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supernice. | Kenneth Fraunhofer
Branddesign, Motiondesign, Photography and Film

Landsbergerstraße 234
80687 München


+49 (0) 89 289 37 633